Restaurants and custom lightboxes

When it comes to making your restaurant look modern and attractive, custom light boxes can assist you. Different sections of your restaurant can be modernized with the use of custom lightboxes. Color and specific lightbox types are important as well.

There are three main types of light boxes: edge-lit, fabric display and traditional snap frame light boxes with a snap frame. Edge-lit lightboxes are used at the front entrance area usually to accommodate a sign with the restaurant name and simple graphic images. These custom lightboxes are used in the main dining area to make the area look esthetically appealing.

Light boxes are lit up using LED lights. These light are bright and can come in a variety of colours. In restaurants the colours of the edge-lit light boxes can be changed to reflect restaurant colours or commemorate special events. This can be for regular holidays or sporting events.

Custom edge-lit light boxes can also be used in the kitchen. Food preparation is an important part of dining experience. Edged-lit light boxes or snap frame lightboxes can be used to increase visibility of the counter space where food is being prepared. Lightboxes can optimize food preparation time.

Snap box frame light boxes are also popular to have in a restaurant. These light boxes are used to display menu option near the take out counter. In the main dining area, snap box frames are used to display meals that are on the menu. They also include restaurant themes specific to the location as well.

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