Edgelit lens led lamp

Edgelit lens led lamp is the Independent led mould,you could cut any one to match your length.Compare with the Edgelit lens led strip,the Edgelit lens led lamp more flexible in led mould distance.


Power edge-lit lens led Lamp-1 Power edge-lit lens led Lamp-2


6012A 48.5*33.5*15.5 mm 12V 6000~6500K 1 LED 3535 15 ° x 45 ° 2.4W 200Lm 1.9 USD



1.The distance of the lens led lamp is 100 mm,the discount could be adjust by yourself;

2.The MAX lighting distance form the two lens led lamp could be up to 1.5 Meter,but for high brightness,recommend the distance form two sides edge-lit lens led lamp is less than 1200 mm;

3.The voltage of edge-lit each lens led lamp is 12 V,you could cut the edge-lit lens led lamp by your need.

September 19, 2016
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