Make your products unforgettable with custom light boxes

Using custom light boxes for advertising makes your products bright and attractive. Lighthouses immediate attract the attention of potential customers better than regular unlit advertising. Custom light-boxes make your products remarkable and are readily forgotten.

There are  three main types of light boxes. For outdoor advertising traditional snap frame lightboxes with acrylic screens are frequently used. The snap frame allows the screen to be easily changed for different adds. This type of light box  is great for enduring weather elements and can be double sided.

The other light boxes used for advertising have fabric screens and a slim frame. These light boxes are used indoors and usually in store.  They can accommodate larger screen because of the lightweight material. This light box can also be made to be double-sided.

Edge-lit light boxes aren’t as frequently used for advertising. They usually used for displaying simple text, logos and graphics. Often they are used to display information such as store names and as seen near reception desks or the cashiers.

What really makes custom light boxes phenomenal are their LED lighting source. The LED lights are bright and clearly illuminate their display. It makes advertising visible from a distance and allows it to be highly visible at night.

LED lights for custom led light boxes will last over a decade. Even with daily use, the LED lights won’t fade or dim. They emit minimal heat and require low electricity to keep lit. Custom light boxes will truly illuminate your products.

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