Let’s light up the night by custom led slim light boxes

Custom led slim light boxes go well with the night life. Traditionally light boxes are used for advertising and their brightness makes them attractive and highly visible. People will readily notice a brightly light sign better than traditional non-lit advertising. Custom light boxes are frequently used at evening and nighttime venues such as: movies theaters, night clubs and restaurants.

Getting custom light boxes adds life to your venue. Edge-lit light boxes are used to bright corners of rooms with vibrant colours and prevents any place from looking dull. Edge-lit light boxes are also added to reception and welcome desks. They are also used to guide people to restrooms and exits.

Movies theaters commonly use light boxes to advertise coming attractions. The lightbox clearly highlights new movies or informs about special events or offers. Movie posters wouldn’t be advertised the same with non-lit box frames.

Custom light boxes have many uses in restaurants. Lightboxes with snap frames are used to display menu items and prices at the take out area. If items change or new items are featured the lightboxes can easily be switched to highlight these new items.

Snap frame light box and edge-lit light boxes are used to light dark corners and advertise special menu items. They can also be used to display images related to the venue. The LED lights used to light up light boxes can change color. Many restaurants and event venues choose colors to commemorate special events. Custom lightboxes truly bring brilliance to any establishment.

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