LED Lighting Wall

LED Lighting Wall

Referred to LED Lighting Wall,most of people would appear the led lamps full of a wall before their eyes.That is the normal design.It is costly,request large power cost.

Large fabric led slim light box in movie theater-2 Large fabric led slim light box in movie theater-1








If only for display the photo / film,not for lighting,it could consider of the LED panel / LED light box to be the led lighting Wall to reduce the power usage.

Fabric led light box(6)

Fabric frame-less LED slim light box seems frame-less.And there is nearly no any gap when combine several fabric led light box together.

Combine panel_1

For some large size fluorescent tube,they could consider replace the fluorescent lamp by LED Light panel.Compare with the normal Backlit LED lighting Wall,the LED Panel Wall with soft lighting in surface.

But there is a problem need to deal with:

The fluorescent light box is thin,about 120 ~ 250 mm.How to make sure the good brightness?

It is easy,we need the LED Panel + L aluminum Profile.And move the LED light panel be the L aluminum Profile to be near by the poster / film.

For large size,we could combine several LED Light Panel together.

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