LED Light Panel

led panel for optician store

Backlit led light panel for optician store

LED slim light box compose by led light panel

LED slim light box compose by led light panel

Metal_SEPHORA FLASH_Luminous backlit led light panel

LED light panel for shelf back-lit lighting

Nice decoration glass store

Luminous led light panel in glass store

High performance LED Light Panel with best-in-class technologies.

Perfect for architectural lighting and signage applications.

Save energy & money while having the most uniform light output!


  • Highest Light Output,uniform brightness
  • Brand led chips, Long life led
  • Customer Support, One year Guarantee
  • Custom Color Temperatures:form 3000 K ~ 8000 K;
  • Custom detail design,Your OEM factory
  • Custom size :We can create custom sizes up to 46″ x 75″.


Detail of led light panel:

backlit led light panelLuminous led light panel 3mm laser dots LGP with round laser dots Nice round shape laer dotCustom shape led light panel (1) Detial of led strip


Cover Difusser Film1 to 4 Waterproof DC wire Backlit light panelDetail of led light panelEdgelit led light panel

  • Color : 3000K  (Warm yellow) / 5000K (Warm Yellow)/ 6000K (Pure White)/ 8000K (Cool White)
  • Acrylic Thickness: 3 mm / 4 mm / 5 mm / 6 mm / 8 mm / 10 mm
  • Dots: The very nice round laser dots,uniform brightness,Not seem dots when cover with thick white film
  • Protection: Add Heat shrinkable tube on Solder joint point ;Add the Silica gel on wire output
  • How to fix LED strip: Lamp paper / L shape aluminium profile ( 5mm acrylic + 6mm thick L alu) / U shape Alu


LED Light Panel ( LED light guide plate ) is made of acrylic ,and add the silk printing dots / laser dots on the backside for make the light transits uniform form the edge to the middle area.

Edge-lit LED acrylic light panel

Edge-lit LED acrylic light panel

 When the lighting through form the edge to the middle area,it would reflect to the silk printing dots / laser dots,the dots would reflect the lighting into different angle. The lighting would be uniform by the different size and different distance dots.The usage of the reflective film on backside is reflect the lighting on the backside into the front side to promote the usage of the lighting, and increase the brightness of the acrylic light panel.

  •  LED Light Panel (LGP, PMMA, LED Board, LED Panel, LED Thin Panel)
  • Type: Single side / Double side
  • Application: LCD display, LED Slim Light Box, Ceiling lighting , Cupboard Lighting, Indoor decoration and lighting, Advertising.
  • Character:Easy to apply, Uniform Lighting , Ultra Slim,It could combine into the big size.
LED-Panel-for-store-decor-1-300x300 LED light panel (oblong shape or square shape) is popular for key part illumination.
It could promote the decoration of the store, and let the product self- advertising themselves.
There are different type of LED light panel:

  • Single sided / Double sided LED Light Panel (Lamp fix by lamp paper), ultra slim, it could be up to 3 mm thickness;

  • Single sided / Double sided LED Light Panel (Lamp fix aluminium extrusion, L shape or U shape aluminium extrusion, ), good cooling, 5 mm ~ 15 mm thickness ;

Remark:1. The edge finish of the acrylic light panel could be  frosted or diamond polish;

             2.If the LED request hide into the acrylic led channel, the min thickness of the acrylic is 8 mm.

Curve LED light panel-225x300Curve LED Light Panel could be easy catch the eyes of clients,it is popular for menu display of the fast food restaurant , dining room, bubble tea store, milk tee store, coffee store.And it is use for the Pole area for decoration and advertising.
There are two different design curve led light panel:
  • Edge-lit design, bend the acrylic light panel into curve shape by the mould,ultra thin;

  • Back-lit design, choice the LED curtain for lighting,high brightness, reduce freight for transits.

Custom-shape-LED-panel-1 LED Light Panel (Custom Shape) is cut the acrylic by the custom's request,it is popular for the LED Signs.

  • The LED hide in the acrylic light channel;

  • The MIN thickness of acrylic is 8 mm;

  • The MAX size for each part is 1 x 1.5 meter;

  • The big size led sign could be combine by several parts of led light panel.

  • Color Temperature of LED Light Panel

    Color Temperature of LED Light Panel

    The color of edge-lit light panel is very easy find by eyes.The color of LED light panel would be affect the advertising film mainly.

    The standard color temperature is 6500 Kelvin, +/- 500, however, custom temperatures are available as low as 3000 Kelvin.
    Different-color-temperature-of-led-lighting-4What is color temperature?Which Color Temperature of LED light panel suit for your advertising project?Let's have a look of different color temperature:

    Actually,the nature light is change the color temperature on different time.

    Now some client would think about what is the best color temperature for our advertising project?There is different choice for difference country.Most of Euro client prefer the 5000~6500 K LED. USA client prefer the 3500~5000 K led light box.And for the difference application,it would request the different color temperature led slim light box.Which Color Temperature of LED light panel suit for your advertising project?

    How is the color temperature effect our advertising project?Let's shows a beauty lady:


    It is very easy to shows the difference color temperature would effect the eyes we seems.Which Color Temperature of LED light panel suit for your advertising project?

    Maybe the following photo would be easy show you the different color temperature as well.

  • LED luminous Light Panel for Display Shelf decor

    LED luminous Light Panel for Display Shelf decorLED light panel decor make up dispaly shelf
    The LED luminous Light Panel is become the most important element for the display shelf decoration.The LGP promote the decor level of the display shelf and the brand store.
    It would take soft light to bright up the product in the shelf panel of the display shelf,and let the make up product self advertising to the end user.
    For the purchaser,the main problem to how to make sure the lighting of different size led light panel would with similar color and similar brightness.

    How to control the different size led panel to similar brightness?Most of clients would meet this problem for the brand store display shelf decoration.

    Different size led panel
    There are many different size led light box,different size led panel on the product display storage rack.Some would be very slim led light panel,some would be small size logo display area,some is the large panel ……How to make all in the similar brightness?

    It is not easy to be the same brightness,but we could try to make them in similar brightness.Please kindly check for our solution:
    a) The most important is make sure the LED in same color.As the led color would be a little different form the different batch number,we need order the same batch number led to make sure the led in whole store is same.We recommend the 5000 K LED for the Make up product brand.
    b)The similar brightness,we would try to control the led distance and the current of the led to make the power would be similar on the different size,then the brightness would be similar on the different size.For example,some small size could choice the led strip which led distance is 15 mm ,20mA; the big size in led distance is 10 mm, 40~ 60mA.
    For some very small size,it could add the brightness control to reduce the brightness to make sure all the led panel with the similar brightness.
    Remark:It should consider choice the thick wire for the big size one.Or the wire would be too hot.

Maybe the following spare parts would useful for you

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