Interior decorating for your dorm space using custom light boxes


When it comes to brightening your dorm space custom light boxes can help you in your project. These innovative boxes can brighten dark corners, dress up a drab room or even serve as a practical studying device.

There are three types of main light boxes: traditional acrylic screen with snap frame, fabric screen with minimal frame and edge-lit acrylic with invisible frame. All three types can be set in a dorm room environment.

Acrylic screen snap frame light boxes are usually smaller in size and can be handy in a dorm room with limited space. They can also be set on desk tops and provide additional light while studying. Fabric display light boxes have similar applications but they can accommodate larger screens due to their light weight material.

Edge-lit light boxes are usually wall mounted. However, they are frequently used for desk nameplates and store name signs. In a room setting they can accommodate simple text and simple graphic images. Edge-lit light boxes can be customized into shapes other than the regular square or rectangular box frame.

There are different creative display options for led light box. Most people usually have one large light box that depicts scenery or a photograph. A creative option is to have several small led light boxes such as flowers in different colours or depicting a night sky with stars and a moon.

Custom led light box are lit up using LED lights. These light bulbs come in a large number of shades and you can switch colour. LED lights bright and use low electricity to light them. With that lightboxes can be left on for long periods of time.

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