Which is the good quality led slim light box?

Which is the good quality led slim light box?

The one with quality exterior adapter.

When you search “slim light box” on Google,there are many results:the top is some photos,then next is YouTube video,and some company’s website,then the Alibaba,Amazon product page,the bottom is the AdWords advertising.It is up to 198,000 results in 0.34 seconds.

If you add more info on search,maybe “slim light box + your location”,you could be easy find out the links you need.For example” slim light box  Australia”,you could find 1490,000 results in 0.57 seconds.There is still too much for you.

Most of person would try to touch the supplier ,not mater the Adwords result or the company website,at about 1~3 or at most 10 pages.After send the inquiry mail,there would be more than 10 suppliers mostly.

Now it is the question,which supplier would offer the quality slim light box?You could find out most of the supplier with the very nice photos,the detail is nice,the brightness is equally.And some with the very nice price as well.How to make sure the slim light box you received would be nice as well?No light bleed,no dark area,no take off the snap aluminium frame,no out of work for short time use……

It seems difficult,but actually it is very easy.You could ask what kind of power supply would they use.Excluding the outdoor led slim light box request the interior waterproof adapter,most of indoor slim light box would choice two kinds of adapter: interior adapter and exterior adapter.

The interior adapter could request easy for the end user to install the led slim light box,just plug in for working.And the interior adapter is very cheap,unit price only about 2~5 USD. But most of the interior adapter is with poor quality.The interior adapter with very small volume,then it is easy install into the slim light box.But the small volume with poor cooling,and when it install into the slim light box,it increase the difficult of the cooling.And it is hard for end user change the adapter when the adapter out of work.Would you like the disposal slim light box?

There are difference quality exterior adapter as well. Which one is the quality one?The top recommend the Mean Well,

Then you could try for the one with most of certification adapter.The cost of quality adapter for A1 slim light box is up to 13 USD. 

The exterior adapter only with CE certification is the poor quality one.The unit price for 60 W is only 2.5 ~ 5 USD. The price of the UL plug wire is up to 1 USD,the price of the UL barrel wire is near 1 USD. Then what kinds of adapter do you get?Do you think the slim light box only sell 50 USD / Square meter,it could offer the quality exterior adapter to you?

Most of slim light box out of work in short time,the main reason is the adapter.Please make sure your suppler could offer the quality slim light box to you.

Please contact us for the quality slim light box.It could be work up to 10 years.  Just send mail to [email protected],we would reply in 12 hours.

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