Free inkjet film fabric Printing

Free inkjet film fabric printing

We offer the FREE inkjet film fabric printing service for our end user clients.

Send us your drawing,and tell us what do you need.

Send us your Drawing –  Modify the size – Printing – Pack together with your slim light box


We could offer vinyl sticker as well,if you need,please contact us.

Vinyl Sticker are great for business and personal use. They are easy to remove and re-position with no residue left on the surface.The static cling sticker would bring the color for your decoration and advertising.

It would be sticker onto any smooth surface.For different surface application,there are windows decals, wall decals, door decals, glass decals, desk decals , cupboard decals, wardrobe decals, floor decals and so on.

Custom store decals stikcers

Vinyl Sticker

Material: PVC,waterproof,removable;

Thickness: 25 m /mm for windows sticker and wall stickers;Common floor sticker is 45 m /mm;Non-slip floor sticker is 55 m /mm

Effect: Non-transparent for wall sticker / door sticker / wardrobe sticker; Semi-transparent for windows sticker

Size Limited: the size of the decals is limited by the size of the image.As there is size limited of the international shipment.It would cut into several parts for shipment.The cutting line is not easy find after mounting onto the wall or windows.






  • Please tel us:
    1.The image you need;
    2.The size and quantity you need;
    3.Where would you like to mounting?
    Then we would send the draft to you,and quote for the best price for you.
  • The cling decals would be produce after the design and payment confirmed.
    It would take about 5~7 days for produce.
  • For sample,you could pay visa PayPal (it is easy apply the PayPal account by visa card.)
    For large amount,it could by pay by T/T.

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