Framing options for custom light boxes

Getting custom light boxes for your business has many great benefits. The light boxes have an eye catching display that attracts immediate attention. Light boxes are visible in dim lighting and at night. The brightly lit display is easy to see at a distance. The brightness gives an advantage over traditional non-lit advertising.

There are different physical placement options for custom light boxes. The placement largely depends on the light box frame. There are common types of frames and a few unique ones as well. Each light box frame has its own advantages.

Traditional custom manufactured light boxes have a metal snap frame that holds the acrylic display into place. This sturdy frame allows this light box to be wall mounted or be used as a hanging display. It can also accommodate double-sided light boxes.

Fabric light boxes on the other hand have a nearly invisible frame. The main part of the frame holds the display into place along the side of the light box. This slim frame is possible because of the lightweight fabric display. The frame allows the light box to be free standing or mounted on a wall.

Edge-lit light boxes have a less visible frame along the edge of the box. These custom light boxes are commonly wall mounted and usually display simple information. Common areas for these light boxes are behind receptionist desks. Here they display company names and logos.

Custom light box frames can be made out of material other than metal. A regular frame can be painted a specific colour. Light box frames can even use natural material such as wood to stylize them.

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