Fast-food Restaurant Luminous Menu Board

Luminous Menu Board, Luminous led letter , Luminous led panel, luminous sign compose into the Fast-food Store Luminous decoration.

Snap open luminous menu board led light boxluminous menu board snap open led light box

McDonald's Luminous Menu Board

McDonald’s Luminous Menu Board-Crystal slim light box

Fast food luminous led menu board led light box

Fast food luminous led menu board black flip open led light box-Canada

The Menu Board is the main element of the fast food store luminous decoration.There are several kinds of design:

a) Crystal led light box Menu Board

Single sided crystal led light box for fast-food store McDonald's fast-food store

Single sided crystal led light box install on the wall besides the Ordering Counter;

Double sides crystal led light box besides the windows.




b)Several flat Snap open led light box line up on top of Ordering Counter

Fast food menu board

Several led light box connect together (1) The several flat flip open led light box would be connect by the DC plug wire,one led light box out put two wires,one is female DC plug Wire,one is the male DC plug wire.




c)It could choice the curve led light box as the menu board as well.

Curve LED menu boardcurve led light box (2)






d) Line up several led flip open slim light box(take away the left and right profile of slim light box in the middle area.)

Or line up several luminous acrylic light panel,and add the steel metal frame which is purchase locally.

Fast food ordering menu boardLight up several led luminous panel






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