Different form the 3528 LED and 2835 LED

Different form the 3528 LED and 2835 LED

UL Epoxy PCB LED StripSome clients ask us the different form 3528 led and 2835 led.It would start form the name of led.

It is knows different led,3528,3060,2835,5050,3014.What data shows form the name of led?it is the size of led.For example,3528 = 3.5 mm x 2.8 mm;5050 = 5 mm x 5 mm;2835 = 2.8 mm x 3.5 mm.

Now the question is how to find which is 2835,which is 3528 form the led strip lamp.

Form the outlook of the 2835 and 3528 led,it is nearly same.But we could find out the different form the led strip PCB.

Mostly,3528 is adopt the low current,18 mA~20 mA ,the match resistance of 3528 led strip PCB is less than 100 ohm;2835 is adopt the high current,30 mA ~ 60 mA,the PCB would choice 150 ~ 200 ohm resistance to control the current.

And 2835 is become the most popular led chip for the advertising and decoration luminous project now. 

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