Different application of different barrel size DC Plug Wire

DC plug wire with different barrel size

Male DC Plug Wire with 2.5 mm barrelDC Plug Wire is adopt for most of the luminous product:led slim light box,led luminous panel,led strip,led letter.

There are two different barrel size,2.1 mm and 2.5 mm.What is the different application?They are adopt for the different power luminous project.

Mostly,the 2.1 mm barrel would match the current less than 5 A; The 2.5 mm barrel would be match the adapter more than 5 A.

The 2.1 mm barrel would adopt the #18 wire; the 2.5 mm barrel would match the #16 wire.

Some client said it is very hard to definite the barrel when you just take up one DC wire.YES,it is not easy,as there is only 0.4 mm size different.


Fix DC Wire by tie a knot

If you took the wrong one,how to deal with?

a) 2.1 mm female DC wire + 2.5 mm male DC wire

It could not connect,it could only change one of DC wire;

b) 2.5 mm female DC wire + 2.1 mm male DC wire

It could connect,but it is very depart.It could tie a knot,and connect the two DC wire.But we strong recommend you choice the match DC wire ( 2.1 mm female barrel + 2.1 mm male barrel ; 2.5 mm female barrel + 2.5 mm male barrel )


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