Custom Light Box Design

When it comes to custom manufactured light boxes there are several design components to consider. In advertisements it is especially important to consider how the design aspects of the light box. The key aspects to consider are: the box frame, screen format and color.

Custom manufactured light boxes can use box frames made of different materials such as metal, wood and plastic. Frames can be colored to blend in with the display images they present. Fabric display light boxes and edge-lit light boxes have greatly reduced frame thickness. This makes the frame nearly invisible and allows more of the display to be visible.

Aside from fabric displays, plastic acrylic screens are quite common for light boxes. Fabric displays are used with nearly invisible box frames. Fabric screens can accommodate larger images and also display more detailed images. Acrylic screens are used for texts and graphic images. They also produce a reflective glare with other light sources.

Color is a strong aspect of custom light box design. The LED lights can be used with any color to suit their environment. Nightclubs frequently incorporate darker toned color to create a mellow mood with edge-lit light-boxes.

Light-box frames can be colored to match business color themes. Other commonly matched color are team color, holiday themes and color representing charitable events. Small decals can be used on thick light box frames to add a creative touch to the piece. The LED lights used to light up the custom light box can also change color.

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