Custom design CCT Dimmable LED Panel

Test of Custom design CCT Dimmable LED Panel

Our France client inquiry the custom design CCT Dimmable LED Panel.As they afraid the CCT remote controller would lose on the daily operation,they request both of the led color and led brightness control by two mechanical potentiometer with a cap.Is it works?Let’s make a test.

Thinking before the test:

1.What kind of led strip would be suitable?

The normal CCT dimmable led strip not suit for this test,as they request the controller and remote controller to work.The CCT is compose by two color led strip,so we could consider choice two kind of led strip for this test.And put the two color led together,then they seems the CCT led strip.

2.Is it ok the led color control by the common dimmer?The warm color would be dilution when add more white color?

Material of the test:

2 off x  Warm white led strip (3000 K ~ 3500 K)+ 1 off x Pure white led strip (6000 k ~ 6500 k)

Two dimmer 

Three transformer

Some White paper

Process of the test:

1.Fix the 2 off warm white led strip in one row;

2.Fix the pure white led strip next to the warm white led strip;

3.Connect two dimmer with 1 off x warm white led strip and 1 off x pure white led strip;

4.Connect the three led strip by three transformer;

5.Put some white paper on the front of the three led strip.

Result of the test:

The LED color could be control only by two common dimmer.But it is not easy control the exact led color you need.

If you need any custom design CCT Dimmable led panel,please free contact [email protected]

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