How to control the different size led panel to similar brightness

How to control the different size led panel to similar brightness?Most of clients would meet this problem for the store lighting decoration.

Different size led panel

There are many different size led light box,different size led panel on the product display storage rack.Some would be very slim led light panel,some would be small size logo display area,some is the large panel ……How to make all in the similar brightness?


It is not easy to be the same brightness,but we could try to make them in similar brightness.Please kindly check for our solution:

a) The most important is make sure the LED in same color.As the led color would be a little different form the different batch number,we need order the same batch number led to make sure the led in whole store is same.

b)The similar brightness,we would try to control the led distance and the current of the led to make the power would be similar on the different size,then the brightness would be similar on the different size.For example,some small size could choice the led strip which led distance is 15 mm ,20mA; the big size in led distance is 10 mm, 40~ 60mA.

For some very small size,it could add the brightness control to reduce the brightness to make sure all the led panel with the similar brightness.

Remark:It should consider choice the thick wire for the big size one.Or the wire would be too hot.

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