Colorwoo Company Limited

Address:No.,22,Dong Yi Road,Cha Dong village,Shi JI Town,Pan Yu District.,Guangzhou,Guangdong,China    (Post Code:511450)

Website: www.colorwoo.com    www.colorwoo.cn 

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Tel: 0086-20-82016824            WhatsApp: 0086-13538748056



Colorwoo Company Limited , manufacture of led luminous light panels,led slim light boxes and acrylic led lighting signage.Custom design,custom size,uniform surface luminous. Colorwoo company limited establish form 2003,our acrylic led light panels and slim light boxes have sell to more than 100 countries and regions,they are apply for the surface luminous lighting project.For example,the shelf luminous panel of make up product’s Display stands ;the top and button luminous panel of glass shelf display stand;The light panels of the restaurant’s fade windows; the luminous panel of the ceiling of hotel foyer;the luminous projected area of meeting room;the led lighting wall of the public display area; the custom shape luminous signage;the luminous message sign;the luminous advertising sign.

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