How to choice the frame for the big size led light box

There are several frame could be choice for the slim light box,flip open / Snap open,suck open/magnetic,Lock open.Which one would be better for the large size,safety and outstanding nice looking?

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Please kindly check for the different as following:

Different Type of LED Light Box Thickness Advantage for big size Disadvantage for big size Recommend Max Size
Flip Open  9~33 mm Aluminum Profile could hold the face panel strongly,Safe for public;Much aluminum Profile could be choice The aluminum profile would bring a not smooth boarder; 1500 x 3000 mm /59″ x 118″
Suck open 15~25 mm Out standing Outlook,the silk print boarder could be white / gray / black.Smooth frame boarder. The face panel is hard to hold by the magnet strip only,SJM1730 better for big size as it with the rubber strip to hold the face panel. 1200 x 2440 mm (48″x 96″) for SJM1730,Others magnetic design only less than A0 size.
Crystal Frameless 8~15 mm Out standing Outlook,the edge lighting,seems like crystal. It is only hold the face panel by the advertising screws.It would be deform if the backside with the structure to support it. width less than 800 mm/31″,Length less than 1800 mm/71″
Fabric frameless 27~120 mm out standing frame-less outlook,it could combine several medium size into a big size. It is very good for big size LED lighting wall.But some client prefer display the media by the ink jet film,instead of the fabric. No size limited for the advertising Wall.For single one,the max size recommend is 1200 mm x 2400 mm (48″x 96″).
Lock Open  40~150 mm Strong frame and waterproof in somehow;Safe and no human affect on the public area. The frame is thick,the border is more than 45mm,quick big. 1200 mm x 2400 mm (48″x 96″) for edge-lit lock open led light box;2000 mm x 3000 mm for back-lit one.
Backlit Lighting 55~200 mm Strong frame for outdoor The frame is thick,the border is quick big No size limited
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