Ceiling Mounted Fabric Face LED Light box

Ceiling Mounted Fabric Face LED Light box apply for the creativeness ceiling lighting project.As fabric face light boxes utilize a lightweight fabric on the front, unlike acrylic or glass fronted light boxes, they can be mounted to a ceiling facing downwards to create an illuminated stretch ceiling or an ambient lighting feature. The textile fits into the light box profile around the front edges so the system can be fully recessed into a suspended ceiling or they can be hung from chains set to a specific height, or they can simply be mounted directly onto the ceiling itself.

Please send us your drawing,then we would recommend the produce solution for your creativeness design.

What to do next?

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Colorwoo can produce photo quality UV prints onto backlit fabric material for your Fabric Face light box up to 3 meter wide by any length or we can supply UV Direct to Media textile prints up to 5 meter wide by any length. They can be printed directly from your digital file. Please contact us for a free quote.

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