CCT Dimmable LED Panel

CCT Dimmable LED Panel

Different form the normal led panel with the fix led color (pure white 6000 K / warm white 3000~5000 K / cool white 8000~1000 K).The CCT dimmable led panel could be light in 3000 K ~ 6500 K.And the color could be control by dimmer.You could choice the different white color on different application.

Element of the CCT dimmable led panel:

CCT LED strip ( two color led,one with warm color,3000~3500 K;One with pure white 6000 K ~ 6500 K);

Acrylic panel with silk printing dots / Laser dots / laser lines

Dimmer (Several level control or Step-less touch control)

If you need the custom size CCT dimmable led panel,please kindly contact us.Free inquiry,[email protected]

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